Event Catering

Terms & Conditions

Johann Cafe Restaurant im Kursalon Stadtpark Betriebs GmbH

In the following document you will find the general terms and conditions of the Johann Event-Catering (hereinafter referred to as “the Johann”). The event organizer (hereinafter referred to as “EO“) submits to these conditions as well as all relevant, trade-legal regulations and through his signature he takes over the liability for their observance. Agreements made on an individual basis are valid exclusively in written form with signatures of both parties.

1. Contractual partner of the organizer

Hereby the organizer who authorizes the Johann Event-Catering takes note that he places a contract with the below mentioned registered company:
Johann Cafe Restaurant im Kursalon Stadtpark Betriebs GmbH, Johannesgasse 33, 1010 Wien, commercial register no.: FN 39654s, VAT register no.: ATU 25785807, chamber: economic chamber Vienna, place of jurisdiction: commercial court Vienna, bank details: UniCredit Bank Austria AG, bin: 12000, account number: 0950-6553803, IBAN: AT 781200009506553803, BIC: BKAUATWW

2. Warranty of participating persons

The EO must announce in writing the number of participants at the latest 4 working days before the event beginning. This number is considered as a warranty number and serves as a settlement basis concerning the catering. A reduction of the total persons’ number within this period cannot be considered in the account for technical reasons. An increase of the total persons’ number within this period may not be possible in special cases for technical reasons, either.

3. Course of the event

The EO undertakes to hand over a precise course plan of the event to his contact person in the Johann at the latest three working days before the event start.

4. Registrations

All registrations necessary for the event, as for example the entertainment tax or municipal authorities’ approvals, occur through the EO and must be made available to the Johann in a copied form.

5. Meals and beverages brought along by the event organizer

Without a written permission of the Johann no meals and beverages may be brought for consumption to the event by the EO. If the drinks are partially or completely made available for the event by the EO, the Johann reserves itself to charge the EO a handling lump sum.

6. Beverage account

If no other agreement is made, all beverages are charged for in accordance with the actual consumption (each open bottle). At the end of the event there must be a person made available by the EO who will confirm the beverage consumption documented by our catering manager. Naturally, without such a person a correct beverage account is guaranteed as well. If the beverage consumption is not controlled / confirmed by the EO at the end of the event, objections of the EO relating to the beverage account, made at the moment of rendering of accounts, cannot be taken into consideration.

7. Personnel expenditure

The beverage and food prices are calculated without personnel expenditure. The Johann provides the EO with staff for the prices given in the quote. We only ask the EO to consider the personnel expenditure stated in the quote as estimation. The actual personnel expenditure, which depends on the actual working and event expiry, will be charged. The EO takes into account that for this reason, deviations can appear between the personnel expenditure given in the quote and the final cost. On the part of the Johann, a precise account is guaranteed. Objections of the EO in relation to divergences between personnel expenditure and prices given in the quote by rendering of accounts for this reason cannot be taken into consideration by the Johann.

8. Cleanness

After the event completion the surfaces used for the catering will be clean-swept and handed over to the EO. The Johann is not liable for soiled surfaces caused by the guests, representatives or coworkers of the EO.

9. Liability

The EO is liable for willful damage, theft or broken equipment by guests, representatives or employees of the EO. The equipment mentioned includes equipment brought in by the Johann and by companies assigned by the Johann. If necessary, the Johann will require the EO to take out suitable insurances. The Johann is under no circumstances responsible for any articles brought in by the EO, his/her guests or coworkers in case of their loss or damage. The Johann is under no circumstances liable for valuables (machines, pictures, cash, etc.) brought in by guests, representatives or employees of the EO.

10. Premises rented by the EO and their equipment

Before the beginning of the event a person authorized by the EO together with an authorized coworker of the Johann must do an inspection of the premises rented by the EO and its equipment, in order to document possible damages, which were already present before the beginning of the event. At the end of the event another inspection of these two persons must take place to document possible damages caused by the Johann. If these inspections did not take place, the Johann takes over no liability for contingently arisen damages on the rented premises and their equipment, or rather damages caused supposedly by the Johann. If possibly arisen damages or damages supposedly caused by the Johann will be complained about at the end of the event without the inspection described above being done, the Johann also takes over no liability.

11. Cancellation by the Johann

The Johann is entitled at any time and without indication of reasons to finish the contractual relationship,
a) if the event is in Johann’s view not practicable in the desired way;
b) if the call of the Johann or the security of its employees are endangered;
c) in case of force majeure;
d) if agreed partial payments do not arrive on the account on time.

12. Partial payments

The Johann reserves itself the right to charge 100% of the whole fixed pre-calculated order sum at the latest two weeks before the event date for clients from abroad. If within two weeks before the event the number of participants will be raised or reduced (which is possible until 4 working days before the event beginning), the remaining amount will be adapted and charged. Variable, not pre-calculated costs (staffing, beverages if after real consumption) are charged after the event.

13. Cancellation of the catering

The cancellation conditions of the Johann (related to the entire order sum of the offered caterings) are following:
... till one week before beginning of the event 50%
of all agreed upon achievements (based on the persons’ number enquired up to then)
... from one week before the event beginning 75%
of all agreed upon achievements (based on the persons’ number enquired up to then)
... from five days before the event beginning 100%
of all agreed upon achievements (based on the persons’ number enquired up to then)
To the achievements of the Johann belong equipment (glasses, table-ware, cutlery and table linen), meal and beverage costs as well as transportation costs and personnel expenditure. For sub-companies possibly assigned by the Johann (decoration, light and audio engineering, building of tents, etc.), their own cancellation conditions stand, which in the case of a cancellation by the EO devolve to the EO. If the event is cancelled by the EO, the Johann is not liable for cancellation conditions of the sub-companies.

14. Rendering of accounts

The invoices are due immediately after the rendering of accounts without deduction. In case of a delay, starting from the invoice date, each month 5% interests for delay will be charged.

15. The passing on of the whole order to a third person is excluded.

16. Area of jurisdiction

As area of jurisdiction is Vienna determined.